Bikini Contests

Tiny String Bikini Contests – Top Ten Tips To Win

Small thong bikini winners won’t get their crowns (or bikini vouchers) without a little hard work and preparation beforehand. If you’re looking to become the next top model in thong bikini by entering and winning a number of bikini contests across the country, here are ten top tips to help you get there.

1. Be confident

Bikini models who make it big are usually those who believe in themselves. So make sure you do! Choose a thong bikini that you feel comfortable in, that accentuates your best features so that you really feel like you’re putting your best foot – or any other body part – out there. Strut your stuff as if you are already a top model worldwide and you will find that others will already see you in the image you want to portray.

2. Be Sexy

String bikini models are adept at showing – and covering – the right places. It’s not so much about who shows the most skin, but who does it in the sexiest way. Sometimes a little more material leaves a sexier impression. Other times less is more. Whichever way you go, make sure it’s sexy and not slutty.

3. Be happy

The most prominent feature of bikini models – aside from the obvious physical ones – is usually a smile. No grumpy model has ever won a bikini contest, so make sure your judges see you smiling and laughing… because a frown could cost you your crown.

4. Be Fit

Floppy bikini models don’t win competitions, no matter how beautiful they are. Not lazy either. Yes, it’s true, rigorous training and workouts are exhausting, but if your dream is to be a bikini contest winning model, make sure you give yourself the best chance. Think of every match as your gateway to a new career and make sure you’re at your best physically when you enter. When you feel your body is at its best, your confidence will be high, you will feel happy with yourself and you will undoubtedly look great.

5. Be Tanned

A bikini model without a tan is like a thong bikini without a thong! While the easy way out is to just sit in the sun, with health warnings these days urging us to take care of our skin, cover up, and stay out of the sun, a well-groomed fake tan will work just as well. The key, however, is to maintain consistency. You may be sexy in your thong bikini, but you won’t be a winner if you have a blotchy or very orange fake tan. Do it well. Go to professionals.

6. Be smart

Smart thong bikini models do research before entering their competitions. If you know the names of your judges, read through them and see if you can’t learn something that will give you an edge. Maybe your head judge likes the color yellow – so wear a yellow swimsuit. Make sure you know exactly where the bikini contest will be held, what time and how long it will last. If you know of other bikini models participating, see if you can get a copy of their profiles and study what you’re dealing with. If it’s a competition that’s been running for a few years, try to find out a few facts about it. That way, if someone asks you a question, you won’t just look like a body in a bikini.

7. Be prepared

Bring a few extra bikinis, extra makeup, and different types of shoes just in case something happens to what you plan to wear on race day.

8. Be unique

Bikini models that have something unique and eye-catching are a lot easier to remember than those that don’t. If you naturally have a unique characteristic, such as an unusual eye color or a strong jawline, capitalize on it by choosing an appropriate color or bikini style. If not, a more unusual haircut, tattoo, jewelry, or shoe style may be the enhancement you need to become unique in your chosen bikini contest.

9. Be realistic

If possible, have someone (preferably a professional) take your photo while you’re being reviewed so you can criticize yourself afterwards or, if you were perfect, get a great photo to use for self-promotion.

10. Be YOU

If you’ve bothered to enter a bikini contest, go ahead and be proud of yourself. After all, you know you’re the prettiest, sexy, gorgeous bikini model to ever walk down the street, don’t you? It’s only a matter of time before the jury sees that too!

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