Slimming Swimwear

The topic of Slimming Swimwear has been a topic of discussion among designers for years. It’s a topic that’s always on the minds of lead designers and consumers alike.

It’s really not a complicated subject; it’s more about understanding your body type and having knowledge of the swimwear designs out there on the market that offer either visual slimming effects or control, sculpting effects.
This article is a no-nonsense effort to simplify and educate consumers about slimming swimwear and what to expect from the basic designs.

At this point, we need to make it clear that it’s not about the bikini size. Size 4 or (XS) on the right physique looks just as nice as an XXL on the right physique, it’s all about proportion and balance. The idea is to choose a swimwear style that balances your body and brings it closer to the hourglass figure. For this discussion, we are going to use four categories.

• Apple – the apple shape is more of a round torso and requires the torso to look elongated.
• Pear – The pear shape requires the bust to appear larger, while the hips should appear smaller.
• Hourglass – The hourglass figure is the easiest to match, but there are suits that will not match the hourglass figure.
• Rectangle – The rectangle has three options. You can either give the impression of a larger hip area and a larger bust or you can give the impression of a slimmer waistline or a combination of both.

Slimming Swimwear – Bikinis

For starters, let’s take a look at bikinis and take a closer look at the options available and discuss what you can reasonably expect from the style in question.

Shaping Bikinis – slimming swimwear

The typical Shaping bikini is designed to make you look slimmer. It has no control panels and it won’t change your physique, but what you will do is give the appearance of a smoother, slimmer torso. This style of bikini bottom reduces the look of wider hips and a little extra belly weight.

The shaping bikini achieves this with its signature “V” style in the front leading to the mid-rise waist. The thighs have a medium cut that makes the hips appear slimmer. This bikini style is excellent for apple and pear body types.

• Apple – These bikini bottoms work well on this body type when paired with a sports, halter or tankini top
• Pear – The shaping bikini goes very well with the pear-shaped figure; it makes your hips smoother and gives the appearance of a slimmer buttocks. If you combine this bikini bottom with, for example, a ruffled, padded or underwire bikini top, you get a great look that you will be very happy with
• Hourglass – Not Recommended
• Rectangle – Not Recommended

Minimize bikini bottoms

The minimizing bikini bottom offers full coverage, some tummy control and an overall slimming effect on the waistline. This full-coverage bottom offers a level of shaping and control not found in the shaping bikinis. These bikini bottoms are great for a torso with a slight bulge in the tummy or for a hip area that needs smoothing. Usually this bikini bottom works on almost every body type.

• Pear – For the pear body type, this bikini will smooth your hips and give a level of control not found in the shaping bikini styles.
• Hourglass – Can work well on the hourglass figure when balanced with barbell or gym top, also works with braces. If you already have an hourglass figure, you don’t want to increase or decrease the appearance of your bust.
• Rectangle – Works well on the rectangular figure as it gives a slimming effect to the waist. If you add a quilted top or underwire top, you have an excellent combination.
• Apple – Can work on the apple figure. It will make your waist slimmer, if you combine it with a contoured, gel or ruffled bikini top you will be happy.

Bikini bottoms with stripes

The striped bikini is another style of slimming swimwear; it usually has a slight slimming effect on the hips and provides support and coverage in the abdominal area. The striped bikini comes in a full range of back coverage options, so make sure you get a bikini with the coverage you want.

• Pear – The striped bikini is a good option for the pear figure, it usually doesn’t offer as much slimming and trimming on the hips, but does provide support in the tummy area.
• Hourglass – The striped bikini works well on the hourglass figure, it gives a nice balance especially if you are the curvaceous type.
• Rectangle – For the rectangular figure it can work well as it narrows the tummy a bit, a thong bikini top would work well in this case.
• Apple – Can work on the apple figure due to the typically higher waistband when balanced with a padded or underwire top. For the apple type figure, keep the top and bottom colors and patterns the same.
Bikinis with skirts
The skirted bikini is an all-round favorite for the more conservative woman. It gives excellent full coverage, incredible slimming effects and is extremely comfortable. The bikini with skirts can have built-in control panels that are completely hidden from view and come in different lengths. At least for the woman who wants full coverage, the bikini with skirt is suitable for all body types and is versatile in the sense that you can not only wear it on the beach, but also work well as a skirt to wear on a hot day. walking through your favorite Caribbean city. day.

• Pear – Excellent choice, especially when paired with a top that balances the bust and hip.
• Hourglass – Will works well and is easy to pair with a top, preferably the same color or pattern
• Rectangle – Great choice, if you choose the right skirt you will get a fuller effect in your hips and you can easily balance your bust with a fuller type of top
• Apple – Will work well, especially when paired with a pleated tankini top.

vintage bikinis

Vintage bikinis are back in style and offer way too much for every figure type. The vintage style bikini bottom offers full coverage, low cut thighs and a high waist. Again, this bikini style works on all body types. It offers a degree of sculpting and a lot of cosmetic slimming. The vintage bikini is always a good choice if you are looking for slimming swimwear that offers both hip reduction and belly reduction.

• Pear – Excellent choice to control the hip area and shrink the abdomen if necessary.
• Hourglass – The vintage bikini bottom was originally famous for its curvaceous hourglass figure.
• Rectangle – For the rectangular figure, the vintage bikini is an excellent option, it will have a curved effect on the hip area and add dimension to your typical square hip area. The only advantage of the rectangular body type and the hourglass figure is that the typical vintage bikini top goes well with the bottom.
• Apple – An excellent choice as it narrows both the hips and abdomen. You may want to choose a top that adds some depth to your bust to help balance out the suit, such as an underwire, push-up, or ruffled top.

slide bikini

The slider bikini is a unique bikini because it has hidden sliding panels on each hip. This allows the bikini bottom to be adjusted to your personal taste; you can show your entire hip area by pulling the sliding panels in or cover your hip area by simply pulling the panels out. It’s a great combination bikini bottom for all body types. The slider bikini is a perfect match with a halterneck bikini top, but again, be careful that you may want to mix and match to achieve the right balance.

• Pear -Perfect choice, we suggest you leave the panels in the middle range so as not to cover too much but at the same time not to expose too much, the halter top will work in your case, but you can choose underwire or corrugated top can be a bandeau bikini top can also be an option.
• Hourglass – Great choice, pull the side panels tight for full exposure and go with the halter top, it looks great
• Rectangle – Excellent choice, pull the panels in to be as small as possible to give the impression of a full hip area and balance with a quilted top
• Apple – Perfect choice, put on your bikini top and bottom and stand in front of a mirror, adjust the side panels until you get the look you want, you may want to ask a friend for a second opinion.
swim dress
At this point we were going to switch gears and introduce you to the swim dress, the swim dress has been gone for years due to its inherent nature of being long, voluminous and unflattering. But in the past 10 years, the swimsuit has made a comeback in new designs, colors and patterns. The swim dress is now a sexy option for women seeking coverage, comfort and control. Many swim dresses are designed with control panels to not only give a cosmetic slimming effect, but they also control and shape your body comfortably.

• Pear – Excellent choice. Works well for coverage, try choosing a swim dress with a built-in bra to add some lift and balance your top and bottom.
• Hourglass – Great option, the swim dress gives you a lot of confidence and comfort.
• Rectangle – Excellent choice. The swimsuit will look great. Try to get a swim dress with a little flair at the bottom and support at the top.
• Apple – It’s perfect, similar to the rectangular figure, try to get a swimsuit that flares slightly at the bottom and has built-in support at the top.


Tankinis work on all body types and have become extremely popular. When it comes to tankini bikinis, the slimming swimwear industry has stepped up to the challenge with new and unavoidable options. Take, for example, the check-type tankinis that offer shaping panels to pull your hips in and slim your tummy. Many tankinis actually have a second or control liner that is hidden by the outer shell. Not only does this liner add comfort, but it smooths out your torso and keeps things in place so you look great. The tankini bikini is suitable for all body types.

• Pear – Works great, try choosing a tankini with a built-in bra to balance the top with your hips.
• Hourglass – Looks great, try a smocked tankini top for a little flair and fun.
• Rectangle – Excellent choice. The tankini top will give some depth and really bring out your bust. In this case, your bikini bottom options are open to your comfort level.
• Apple – The tankini bikini works great for the apple figure, it elongates the body depending on the style you choose, a higher waistband on your bikini bottom can give extra confidence and comfort.

One Piece Swimsuits

The one-piece swimsuit is slightly different from the bikini. The one-piece swimsuit has the ability to hide many hidden panels, and can use pattern and design in a more efficient way to achieve the desired slimming effect. Remember that slimming swimwear achieves its goal using two techniques. Cosmetically, in terms of color and design and physically in terms of cut and the use of strategically placed control panels.

One Piece Body Shaping Swimsuits

Using a combination of control panels and long vertical lines, these sleek swimsuits cater to the woman looking for slimming swimsuits. For the woman who is looking for a slimmer look, the higher the cut of a piece, the slimmer your hips will look, add a sash at the waist and you have a perfect combination.

• Pear – Choose a swimsuit with slightly higher thigh openings, avoiding the sash, choose a swimsuit with support at the top to balance the hips.
• Hourglass – Looks great, choose a medium hip opening and the top style is up to your personal preference.
• Rectangle – Will work perfectly, go with a lower cut thigh opening and use the sash effect to give the look of a waistline. Choose a swimsuit with a top that accentuates your bust and you have a beautiful match.
• Apple – Not recommended
• Medium Smocked Swimsuits

Crinkle One Piece Swimsuits

These suits are an excellent choice for anyone, but are especially effective for the apple-type figure. The design at the top and bottom draws attention away from the midsection and draws attention to your hips and bust. The smock in the middle makes your torso slimmer for a perfect look.

• Pear – Not recommended.
• Hourglass – Could work, but really not recommended.
• Rectangle – Not recommended.
• Apple – The perfect swimsuit for the apple figure, this style of swimsuit will direct attention away from your midsection and more towards your hips and bust, the puckering will reduce the look of your midsection and will not only feel comfortable but give you great confidence .

Full figure swimsuits

The full figure swimsuit is an excellent choice anywhere, it is designed to slightly contour the body and in many cases offers some customization not normally found with other swimsuit designs.

• Pear – Works well, makes you feel slim and slim
• Hourglass – Great choice, especially for the more conservative woman
• Rectangle – Excellent choice, you may need to buy a long upper body swimsuit, but it looks great
• Apple – Perfect in every way, this swimsuit will give you confidence and comfort, and the added style will make you feel very sexy.

High Thigh Swimsuits

It is generally believed that high-thigh bathing suits offer a lot of cosmetic slimming, but this also has drawbacks. For example, if you have a wide stomach and wide hips, the high-thigh bathing suit may not give you the coverage you want in the front. That said, if it’s your thigh area that gives you the widened hip effect, then the high thigh swimsuit is perfect.

• Pear – Can look very sexy as long as it’s your thighs causing the pear effect, if it’s a wide tummy we don’t recommend the high thigh swimsuit as the frontal coverage will be minimal and some women may not be comfortable with this effect,
• Hourglass – Works well, nice balance
• Rectangle – Great option if you opt for a cleavage to create balance
• Apple – Depending on your size, the high thigh swimsuit may be the answer to your dreams, but be careful, you might get the opposite effect of the pear-shaped body shape and leave too much hip area. We recommend a higher thigh opening, but keep it at the mid-level and again use a plunging neckline or built-in bra.

Conclusion – This article aims to be a no-nonsense guide to buying slimming swimwear. Keep in mind that we have generalized the body styles into four categories. You will need to carefully analyze your body type and you may need to combine some of the above techniques to get the look you want.
It may be helpful to ask a friend for a second opinion about your body type; in many cases what we think we see in the mirror is not what others see.

Latest tips for slimming swimwear

A tanned body always looks better in a swimsuit than an untanned body, tanning will cover some of those perfections we all have on our skin and give a healthy slimming effect. As with being white, imperfections can be emphasized, as can overtanning. Too much tanning will darken blemishes and highlight problem areas. We recommend spray tanning or lotion tanning to darken your skin and use a high-level moisturizing sunscreen when at the beach to avoid skin damage.

Drink plenty of bottled water on vacation and in the sun. It keeps your body hydrated and your skin healthy.
Finally, ask your husbands, boyfriends, or best friends about your body type and what would look good on you.
Armed with this information you can now choose the perfect slimming swimwear design and go out and look great in the beautiful summer sun